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Junior Kung Fu Team

- Increasing safety.  We are teaching simple effective techniques against being grabbed, pushed, kicked and punched. We are also instilling awareness and communicating anti bullying messages to help your child cope in the playground or when out and about alone.

- Confidence. Having confidence is one of the biggest gains from training in our school. We believe in our students, we know how to help them see their improvement and how to stand up for themselves, have a healthy self esteem and tackle the obstacles that they come up against.

- Discipline. We are learning a martial art, and it requires discipline. Part of discipline involves being respectful and following the rules of training. Another part is self discipline, arriving for class in time, with their clean uniform and having self control.

- Courage. Beginning anything requires courage. Within our curriculum we bring in different challenges that keeps our students being courageous. Courage to try is what we aim for,  and to try again and again if unsuccessful.  Our aim is everyone learns to have self belief and to cope with failure moving forward to conquer it.

- Focus and listening skills.  This is definitely a skill that can be learnt and increased. Training requires both these skills, so the more you train the more these improve.

- Fitness. Through regular training our students develop good strength and stamina, in a sedentary world this is another great benefit for training in Kung Fu.

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PKF is a safe environment where kids can train to overcome any fears and concerns. Where they can be guided by empathetic instructors with experience and qualifications in teaching Kung Fu.

PKF is place that drives personal development; whether that be increasing listening and concentration or being respectful and thoughtful, having confidence to stand up for themselves or courage to try new things. Martial arts at PKF will help your child become the best they can be.

Friendships are made here and self belief is developed through training together. Increased Confidence and empowerment, through learning self defence techniques that can be easily used to protect themselves.

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