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Energise Your Corporate Team Building


Are you looking for a new experience for your team to take on together? Maybe you would you like to be providing lifelong self protection skills for your employees? Or maybe just something so completely different to what you have done before.

Peninsula Kung Fu has several Kung Fu related workshop events that can be tailored to what you would like your team to experience.

These events are bespoke to your requirements. They can run at a time to suit yourselves, as well as in a stipulated time frame. In some circumstances we can even come to your place of work. They can be as energetic as you would like or be designed to be a more spiritual relaxing experience.

Sample programs.
Wing Chun Kung Fu Forms. Learn the first form of the system understand its benefits and some basic applications. Suitable for all fitness levels, this form will not leave you sweating, but will leave you with food for thought and a glimpse at the ancient Chinese martial art.

Kicking crazy. Learn how to kick and land safely, smash out some frustration on the bags and build confidence with your partner as you attack and defend. Fitness and no health restrictions are a must. Your team will leave sweaty, tired but feeling accomplished and awesome.

Self Defence. The team will learn how to escape grabs and holds and get safe. Simple, effective techniques that when practised will work. The program caters for individual or group questions and scenarios from the group to be answered. A great investment into the safety of your employees.

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