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Beginner Team

Joining the beginners class is the start of our kids journey into the complete Wing Chun system. The kids begin on their white sash – the most important colour in any martial arts system, so much to learn and accomplish.

The classes follow a curriculum that covers all the basic areas of Wing Chun including, kicks hand defence techniques, striking, Shil Lim Tao form, self protection exercises. While they’re busy learning these skills they are also developing; balance, high level of fitness and strength, discipline, perseverance, teamwork, respect, focus, awareness, empathy and self-confidence. Yet they are are not always aware we are teaching them this too.

At what age can children enrol into classes?

Kinder Kung Fu: 3 - 5 Years

Kids Kung Fu: 5 - 13 Years

Beginner Kids Journey

Martial Arts delivered by Peninsula Kung Fu is not only teaching great self defence skills but is helping your nurture your children’s resilience and life skills.

As instructors we journey along side each and every student, we celebrate the triumphs and attainments and are there to support and help when they need extra guidance.

To mark the children’s progress each term we have created seven stripes that represent core elements in the Wing Chun system these are:

  • Attitude, how they behave in and out of PKF, we regularly get feedback from their school and home on effort and respect.
  • Hand techniques, the Wing Chun specialised defence and counter attacks.
  • Balance, kicks and movements
  • Self defence, protection from being grabbed, by the wrist, shoulder, choke and head lock and bear hug for the more advanced.
  • Stance, groundwork of all Martial Arts, strong legs able to move efficiently to drive the defence techniques.
  • Fitness, strength training for core, upper and lower body as well as cardio fitness
  • Form, beginning with the Shil Lim Tao form.

Once the kids have achieved all seven stripes they become eligible for graduation to the next sash level.

Advanced Kids Team

Once achieving a light blue sash children can opt to join our advanced team. Training consolidates and builds on the basic skills learnt.

There is an introduction of new kicks, hand defences, Chi Sao work, to breakfall and rolling, as well as strength and fitness exercises are developed. Kids remain in the advanced class until they reach the dark blue sash, then they are able to move to the elite kids team.

Elite Kids Team

As the name suggests these kids are special - they have already worked really hard and attained many of the fantastic skills that are needed to reach the epic black sash. The added elements for this team, include sparring, the introduction of more complex Chi Sao drills, advanced footwork, advance kicking routines, numeric striking as well as much more complex hand techniques, plus an even greater fitness level.

The Elite Team are also given the opportunity to join our leadership program. We teach the Elite kids skills and coach them in the art of teaching. This enables them to come into our beginners classes as assistants. They also gain a greater understanding of the basic techniques and learn leadership skills which they can carry to other parts of their lives.

We believe that the Martial Arts our school is not teaching kids how to fight, rather giving them skills to become fantastic people, able take calculated risks, support and respect others, set and achieve goals, believe in themselves, and always chase their dreams.

From Kinder To Advanced

Kung Fu For Kids

  • Fun
  • Fitness
  • Family friendly environment
  • Supportive teachers
  • Supervised training
  • Self defence
  • Improved self esteem
  • Improved self discipline
  • Improved self confidence
  • Develop speed and power
  • Better reflexes
  • Increased co-ordination
  • Stress release

Peninsula Kung Fu is conveniently located 1/2A Carbine Way, Mornington.

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