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Seniors Kung Fu At Peninsula Kung Fu


Your Kung Fu Journey


Our new senior class will be gentle introduction in to learning Wing Chun Kung Fu.
Kung Fu in its translation means Kung -skillful work, training hard and Fu meaning, time spent.

Kung Fu is a way of acquiring skill through time spent practicing.

The Wing Chun system translates to Forever Springtime and is the name of the first orphan girl taught the system by a shaolin nun. It is over 300 years old and developed not only to be a highly effective self defence system but also to be learned quickly and simply. We are not teaching fighting; we are teaching skill. Though its history is martial, Wing Chun can stand alone as a beneficial wellbeing pastime in the same way as Tai Chi.

Learning a martial art at any age has multi-faceted benefits. When you begin learning it stimulates your brain cells, performing actions on both sides of your body encourages left and right side brain connection, movement increases strength and fitness.

Chinese martial arts also have a wealth of other benefits that increase your well-being.

Increased co-ordination.
Mental stimulation and challenge.
Breathing exercises.
Relaxing forms of movement.
Improved balance, stability, and Mobility.


Family Friendly Kung Fu Academy

Peninsula Kung Fu is a family orientated school, with a focus on community.
We are offering a free class to see if you enjoy learning with us. You are not required to meet any fitness level. You are required to want to try something new!


Quote from Kevin.
"I have always been an active person, but when I retired, I felt myself beginning to stagnate. I started looking for an activity to stimulate my mind as well as body, and found Peninsula Kung fu. I immensely enjoy my classes here and try to go at least twice a week. The instructors and students are friendly, helpful and patient! The classes are sometimes challenging but a lot of fun alongside learning.
I wish I had started when I was younger, but I intend to keep training and learning for as long as I can."


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