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Welcome to Peninsula Kung Fu

Established in 2005, Peninsula Kung Fu Health & Fitness Mornington teaches traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu, widely regarded throughout the world as the most effective of all martial arts styles. Every year our team of Instructors have the privilege of teaching hundreds of adults and kids students the invaluable life skills that ultimately improves health, wellbeing and personal development.

Peninsula Kung Fu In Mornington

Located in Mornington our world class academy features the latest training equipment suitable for all students from beginners to advanced. The facility is purpose built for Kung Fu training.

Sifu Glenn Shand is Chief Instructor at Peninsula Kung Fu.

This is the original and only Peninsula Kung Fu. Contact us to find out how we can help you on your Kung Fu journey


Wing Chun Kung Fu At Peninsula Kung Fu

Peninsula Kung Fu & Wing Chun

Peninsula Kung Fu Health & Fitness teaches the art of traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu made prominent by the legendary Grandmaster Yip Man, Grandmaster William Cheung and famously, Bruce Lee.

Our philosophy ensures every student learns in a relaxed, safe and friendly environment that encourages ongoing personal development in martial arts and day to day life.

Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu - Adults

Learn the ancient art of Wing Chun Kung Fu in a relaxed, safe and friendly environment at our world class martial arts academy. Wing Chun Kung Fu will teach you how to defend yourself, give you better reflexes and co-ordination, improve self confidence and self discipline, and relieve stress. Suitable for all ages, no experience needed. Structured programs are available to suit all learning and fitness abilities.

We have ladies only classes available as well as mixed classes for beginners and advanced students.

Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu - Kids Kung Fu & Kinder Kung Fu

Specialised, structured & fun - Wing Chun Kung Fu will teach your child to be confident, self aware, respectful and disciplined. They will become more active, energised and mentally stimulated. Your child will learn to defend themselves with invaluable life skills, which will dramatically reduce the chances of being bullied in life.

Benefits Of Wing Chun Kung Fu

  •     Exceptional Self Defence

  •     Maintains Health & Wellbeing

  •     Ongoing Personal Development

  •     Builds Confidence & Self Esteem

  •     Improves Fitness, Balance & Energy