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Master / Sifu Profile

Bruce Corles, Head Instructor of Lifestyle Martial Arts, is a Master of traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu and is widely acclaimed throughout the world. After commencing martial arts training in 1975, Sifu Bruce's credentials, experience and skill are extraordinary.

Introduced to traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu in 1983 directly under Grandmaster William Cheung, Sifu Bruce advanced rapidly to achieve a Level 10 Gold Sash and was duly appointed Head Instructor of the World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association in 1990.

Adding to an array of already impressive achievements, Sifu Bruce completed training in Tai Chi and various Kung Fu weapons under World Wushu Champion, Master Liang Chang Xing. In 1997, built on many years of commitment, dedication and knowledge, Grandmaster William Cheung promoted Sifu Bruce to the level honour of Master.

Master / Sifu - Further Achievements

  •     Expert Practitioner in Boxing, Kick Boxing & San Shou
  •     Conducts International, National & Regional Seminars
  •     Affiliated with the Traditional Shaolin Temple in 2006
  •     Oceania Games Head Coach Achieving 5 Gold Medals in 2012