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Peninsula Kung Fu womens classes

There is great heritage in Wing Chun Kung Fu for women. It is a martial art created by a Shaolin nun and first taught in its entirety to an orphan girl. There are many elements'of the philosophy of Wing Chun that lends itself to being used by women.

The women''s classes follow the PKF Wing Chun curriculum and students are welcome to attend mixed classes also and have the opportunity to grade should they wish to. The classes are open for questions to be asked around safety and self protection as well. People begin their journey in martial arts for many reasons, some for the challenge or learning, for stress relief from day to day life, for fitness, to be part of a community or to feel empowered.

Everyone is welcome to this safe, friendly and supportive group. No experience is required.

Womens Self defence classes!

  • Get your 'what happens' questions answered
  • Learn Practical skills for protecting yourself
  • Learn how to avoid being a target
  • Learn how to deal with bullying
  • Friendly, fun non-confrontational environment 

Join today and start defending yourself!

If you would like to know more please contact Sarah 0412975832  Sifu Glenn 5975 3252 or fill in the form below.


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Women's Self Defence Classes Mornington

Free training in the women’s classes for new members in the month of March!