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Brodey Shand

Brodey Shand Team PKF Peninsula Kung Fu

If you could epitomise a black sash student then Brodey Shand would be a shining example. Not only has he attained extensive fitness levels and immense knowledge of the Wing Chun system, Brodey is quite possibly the most considerate, respectful, polite, unpretentious 18 year old you are ever likely to meet. His characteristics are the qualities of a true black sash and he displays them and his skill genuinely without guile or ostentatiousness.

Brodey began training when he was 5 years old. Training under Sifu Glenn Shand, his father, always meant Brodey was working harder than any other student. And so he did, and whilst doing so he gained solid understanding of the system as well the respect of older and more widely experienced students. Alongside increased technical knowledge Brodey’s confidence and awareness grew, which continues to aid him in his career and personal endeavours.

Brodey represents everything that is beneficial about training in the martial arts.

With one system completed Brodey has begun his journey into Brazilian jujitsu, adding this to his already extensive skill set.

At Peninsula Kung Fu, Brodey is developing his teaching experience, continuing to hone his black sash skills and serving as a great inspiration to our younger students and older ones alike.

Garry Adams

Garry Adams Team PKF Peninsula Kung Fu

Garry discovered Peninsula Kung Fu whilst looking for a martial arts school for his young son to join 10 years ago. Garry watched his son enjoy his training and joined the school as a student himself the following year.

Garry’s affiliation with martial arts stretches back nearly 30 years. Attaining a 2nd Dan Black belt in Zen Do Kai as well as experience in many other martial arts including, Muay Thai kick boxing, Goju Ryu and other forms of Karate.

For the last 10 years Garry has concentrated on Wing Chun Kung Fu at Peninsula Kung Fu. Garry enjoys the structure of the ancient Chinese art and working his way through to the final sash level to learn and be proficient in the elite techniques. This year will see Garry achieve the mighty Black sash.

You will often find Garry supporting Glenn with awesome, challenging warm ups, as well as instructing in his own class on Saturday morning.

Garry understand the depths and benefits of Martial Arts and finds his life lacking without having Martial Arts in it. Building rapport with fellow students following the same journey and meeting the variety of students from many different backgrounds is a pleasure that Garry did not expect to find through Martial Arts. A strong school community is an important aspect of the culture at Peninsula Kung Fu and students bond together through the the challenges and successes.

Garry is an inspiration. Now retired he will tell you is the fittest he has ever been and gives everyone a run for their money in all areas of the curriculum.

Sarah Hannah

Sarah Hannah Team PKF Peninsula Kung Fu

Sarah is a long term advocate of the benefits that martial arts brings to the lives of children and adults. Since moving to Australia from the UK, Sarah has dedicated much of her time to studying Wing Chun Kung Fu at Peninsula Kung Fu.

In the UK Sarah was a member of another proactive martial arts school that also promoted the ideology of courage, self discipline, respect, teamwork, perseverance, self growth and confidence alongside the fitness and health benefits of being a martial art student. Sarah believes these values are instrumental in martial arts providing a positive impact to martial arts students.

This year Sarah has completed the governing body of Australia, Kung Fu WuShu Australia’s accreditation to become a martial arts instructor. Sarah enjoys teaching and developing strategies to make the Peninsula Kung Fu programme the best it can be.

Sarah continues to work hard in her personal training so that she grows as a student as well as an instructor. Gaining and sharing knowledge on the depths of martial arts is a ongoing aim. Sarah is enthusiastic, and passionate about what she does and given the choice is always training!