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8TH MAY 1952 - 20TH JANUARY 2014

Master / Sifu Profile

Terry Connolly, commenced training in 1991 at The William Cheung Academy under the personal guidance of Grandmaster William Cheung. Throughout the following years training directly with Master Bruce Corles and Sifu Glenn Shand, Terry became an expert practitioner of traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu in his own right.

In 2002, Terry completed Level 9 to receive a Black Sash awarded by Master Bruce Corles. In 2009, Terry completed Level 10 to reach the title honour of Sifu and receive a Gold Sash presented by Sifu Glenn Shand. Finally, to complete an extraordinary level of achievement, Sifu Terry was personally honoured by Grandmaster William Cheung and promoted to the level of Master in 2013.

As an honourable Instructor of Peninsula Kung Fu, Master Terry Connolly was an inspiration to literally hundreds of students. Alongside Sifu Glenn, Master Terry's commitment contributed greatly to the success of Peninsula Kung Fu.

Sifu - Further Achievements

  •     Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu - 23 Years Training
  •     World Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. / Master Level - Red Sash
  •     Promoted to the level of Master by Grandmaster William Cheung
  •     Expert Practitioner of the Dragon Pole, Kali Sticks and Butterfly Swords