1 / 2A Carbine Way Mornington




Dark Blue, Level 4 to earn Light Brown Sash

        Complete Shil Lim Tao.
        Advanced Shil Lim Tao.

Foot work;
        Neutral & Side Neutral stance left and right, half stepping.
        Front stance, left and right, half stepping.
        Full side step to left and right from a neutral stance and front stance.
        Full front & back steps,
        Switch Stance.
        Basic Entry Techniques from side neutral.
Techniques; Defence against, Straight punch, round punch, double round punch. Front, round and sidekicks. Rear hand haymaker and rear hand straight. One step sparring.

Some techniques to be displayed on the wooden dummy

In addition to all Blue sash techniques.

Defence against straight punch or grab
        Pac sao, chuen sao, from front and side stance
        Bon Sao, Larp Sao from front stance.
        Tarn Sao, punch from a neutral stance
Defence against round punch
        Pac garn techniques
Defence against front kick.
        Gum Sao full Side step, low bon sao, full back step
Defence against round kick.    
        Double Larp Sao, full side step,full back step, larp sao
Defence against side kick.                 
        Full back step come back in with your own kick to lead leg. Stop kick
Defence against low round house kick.
        Leg Checks.

        Basic roll punching, numeric punching and half stepping forward with strikes.
        Basic palm striking, numeric palm striking and half stepping forward with strikes.
        High low striking, neutral into front stance.
        Bil Sao front, round & side kick. And in advancing patterns.   

        Parallel wrist grabs, high and low.
        Cross arm wrist grabs, high and low. Using arm bars.
        Shirt front grab (choke)
        Shoulder Grabs. Side head locks. Bear Hug

Chi Sao’s
        Pac Sao chi sao drills & Larp Sao chi sao drills, with change overs.
        Bon Sao Larp Sao, no foot work.
        Parallel Arm single. (basic)
        Cross Arm, (basic)