1 / 2A Carbine Way Mornington

Five Stages Of Combat

1. Preparation or Non-Contact:

    Front Stance/Side Neutral Stance

2. Contact:

    Arms/Legs (Not Main Body)
    Protect Central Line
    Touch Reflexes - Chi Sao

3. Exchange:

    Contact to Head & Body
    Touch Reflexes - Chi Sao

4. Pursuit:

    Entry Technique

5. Retreat & Reposition:

    Back Step & Fut Sao

Principles Of Wing Chun

1. Protect & control the centre

2. Don't fight force with force

3. Watch the leading elbow

4. Use linear striking action

5. Use Chi Sao touch reflexes

6. Simultaneous defence & counter attack

7. Efficient movement of every technique

8. Practice using two arms simultaneously

Strategies Of Wing Chun

Strategies of Wing Chun

1. Use entry technique

2. Attack the opening

3. Trap the leading elbow

4. Attack the opponent's balance

5. Pin the arms from the blind side

6. Control the opponent's blind side

7. Use the centre line to force the opponent to use the outside path

8. Keep moving and don't present a steady target for your opponent

9. Be calm, have confidence in your ability and be guided by reflexes

10. Techniques & Distances:

    Close Quarters     Elbows & Knees
    Next Distance       Fists & Palms
    Further Range      Lead Leg Kick
    Furthest Range     Rear Leg Kick