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Grandmaster Profile

Yip Man, born on 1 October 1893 also known as Ip Man, is the legendary Grandmaster of traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu. Yip Man had many students who later became martial arts instructors in their own right, including William Cheung and Bruce Lee.

Yip Man passed away on 2 December 1972 only several months earlier than Bruce Lee, leaving behind extraordinary knowledge in the global practice of traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu. Grandmaster Yip Man also left behind written history of Wing Chun Kung Fu and personal artifacts of his life which are on display in the Yip Man Tong Museum in the Foshan Ancestral Temple in China.

Prominent Students

  •     William Cheung
  •     Bruce Lee
  •     Ip Ching
  •     Ip Chun